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Historical memory with eyes on the future - NBC surrender in Olga Cadaval

Beards are now, and maybe even mature. The truth is that after 10 years Maturity, the past seems to be more than ever.

Timóteo Deus Santos, NBC, from the very beginning proved his competence as a rapper but also melodically on land such as R & B or soul, something that was not a pleasure to see all of this kind of colleagues. Today, fortunately, little was offended that a rapper is at the same time capable of producing excellent acoustics, giving letters in different musical genres, as NBC has shown over the years.

When the hip-hop king and any way NBC chose, nobody can be a national hip-hop booster and the night of November 10 could not be better. celebration.

Ten years after commencement of operation Maturity, the Olga Cadaval Cultural Center in Sintra was home to welcome family, friends and, of course, fans, night celebrations, nostalgia, but also recognition for NBC's continued re-innovation.

The fall of handkerchiefs, band revelation and a smile on the face, NBC said: "The journey begins now." About an hour and a half, and between the jeans symbols used in Rock In Rio, on a yellow coat Heroes or wings Awake, all topics Maturity which, without surprise, remain in the mouth of the public as if we were to continue in 2008.

In addition to a couple of stage buddies and his son (in which we will watch), NBC invited guests like Luiz Caracol and Dino D'Santiago, Virgul and Sir Scratch.

For Encore, themes Second skin, NBCioso and Mirror, Olga Cadaval surrendered, stood and developed with applause. Maybe we were admirers, but eventually we all went away as a family.

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