Ryanair prevents blind travel with your guide

Samuel Natario, 32, lost sight six years ago due to the cysts that appeared in his brain. He learned to live with four senses: working at Volkswagen Autoeuropa, attending an ISCTE course for social services and doing everything at home.

He is independent from the accompaniment of Yolo, his dog guide, trained in the United States. Without him, he loses his autonomy, but last month he was forbidden to travel to London because of his four-legged companion.

The road to Lisbon and London was scheduled for October 18th to October 18th.

He advised Ryanair in good time about his condition and handed over all the documents planned by the airline to allow the rental of guide dogs on the aircraft, which he usually does under these circumstances.

But at the time of the transport, the company representatives were not aware of Yolo's presence and did not allow Samuel to use the ticket.

"I lost the investment I made on my way and did not fulfill the purpose. Why? Due to the lack of information and expertise of Ryanair employees"Samuel Natario said by e-mail.

On the airline that DN contacted, she stated that the passenger had placed one of the following flights: "We sincerely regret the inconvenience we have made and booked this passenger again for the next available flight to London Stansted the same day (free of charge). "

The Ryanair Communications Office also said it was investigating this case and providing "that it will not happen again".

"The guide dog is not a companion dog or accessories. The guideline is crucial to the mobility and autonomy of a citizen with complete blindness, as is the case in my case. Therefore, there are international laws and regulations that regulate and protect the rights of citizens with disabilities or disabilities"Samuel laughs and asks:What are the economic entities that do not invest in training their employees for a customer-oriented service that guarantees universal accessibility? Which bodies control and evaluate the fulfillment of civil rights in these organizations? "

You can read on Ryanair's website that the airline transports visually impaired passengers accompanied by their guide to all destinations except Morocco and Israel. In the case of flights to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, a valid passport or official animal health certificate must be presented. The dog must also be associated with one of the following institutions: the International Federation of Water Dogs, British Assistance Dogs or International Assistance Dogs. According to Samuel Yolo, he fulfilled all these requirements, which prevented the dog and the owner from storming on that morning.

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