Tax benefits for those who buy newspapers – Tv Media

The Portuguese Press Association (API) advocated Tuesday, within the state budget for 2019, the creation of IRS benefits for families buying newspapers and magazines – up to 250 euros – and IRC for small advertisers advertising in these media.

"The aim of our proposals is to promote the acquisition of newspapers and magazines on any medium, to promote the acquisition of advertisements by small advertisers and to respond effectively to the European Commission's challenge to fight disinformation and journalistic manipulation of literacy and curatorial activities," API President João Palmeiro said.

In the case of small advertisers, the association proposes that "for the purposes of determining the taxable income of IRC taxpayers, the advertising investment charges shall be deemed to be 150% of the relevant amount reported as the cost of the year" up to 10% of the turnover.

The association also calls for "speeding up" the transposition of the European VAT Directive (6%) for digital publications already introduced by the PS.

The list of IPP proposals also includes incentives for investment and liquidity of newspaper companies through lending and employment and training, by creating tax incentives for admission of young people (exemption for contributions to the five-year security system) and maintaining jobs.

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