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THE BALL – back in the future Ferreyra: what's at stake (Benfica)

Facundo spearhead Ferreyra "led the rope" with a loan for a year and a half to Anderlecht, at a time when there was a complete agreement between the clubs and the OK Argentine player.

In the question, according to A BOLA, there are financial problems. Ferreyra, who earns € 2.2 million a year in Benfica, has agreed to reduce his salary slightly to Belgium, where he gets roughly € 2 million a year. The problem lies in the fact that even to reach this value, it has had to meet a number of goals that led the attacker to better and reject.

Anderlecht has not given up yet, at a time when the parties are still working on a five-month transfer by the end of the season, but negotiations are not easy, because Benfica remains uncompromising: who assumes Ferrer must pay her the entire salary.

But there is a new club on the go: Spanish, from Barcelona, ​​known as A BOLA, came into force at the Ferreyra race, which was also popular with Sassuolo and Nantes, possibilities at this point further afield.

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