The Government of Azor to launch a new tender for the privatization of SATA

The Azores Government has instructed the SATA Board of Directors to cancel an existing tender for the sale of 49% of Azores Airlines' registered capital following disclosure of confidential documents relating to the privatization process of the airline. In his statement published today in GaCS, the Regional Director explains that he is completing the launch of a new competition with the same goal.

On 31 October, the Azores government sent only the paper "Study proving the interest and feasibility of the Azores Airlines' sales of the capital by Bruto da Costa" as well as the "proposal of the Icelandair Group to sell 49% of the Azores Airlines". In a letter accompanying these documents, the executive officer requested that they be "not reproduced or published" and that their consultation should only take place in the presence of the chair of the committee of inquiry for the regional business sector and non-profit organizations.

The disclosure of these documents has the direct effect of terminating the current privatization process of 49% of Azores Airlines's share capital with Icelandic Loftleioir-Icelandic Icelandair Group, the only bidder in the tender.

"The government believes eight days ago, given the gradual publication of the information yesterday and today on these documents, we face a very serious failure in the duties of cooperation, correction, respect and institutional loyalty," the Azores said.

But the story does not end there. The executive guarantees that the complaint will be filed with the state prosecutor's office "for determining criminal liability".

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