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The research and conservation project will study sperm in Madeira

The Whale Tales Project is under way. The Research and Conservation Project, which is planning to study seabream whales in the Madeira archipelago, has made the first trips at sea in the waters of Madeira.

Specifically, the project started in January with several exits south of Madeira, carried out by researchers from the Madeira-Madeira / Madeira Ocean Observatory (OOM), the Regional Agency for the Development of Research Technologies and Innovation (ARDITI), Ana Dinis, Filipe Alves and Rita Ferreira.

These outcomes led to several encounters with sperm that allowed for the collection of photographs to identify individuals and biopsies for genetic, physiological and toxicological studies.

The aim of this project is to increase scientific knowledge on the use of biotopes and the physiological status of semen in the Macaronesian islands, focusing on the Madeira archipelago, where less information is available through innovative methodology.

ARDITI expects the Whale Tales project to "create basic information on the sperm whale that promotes positive behavior and attitudes to protect the oceans."

It should be noted that the Whale Tales project is funded by the Oceanario de Lisboa and the Oceano Azul Fund of EUR 50 000 and will last for three years.

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