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Vítor left the Web Summit to devote himself to the launch. But it was not over. João and Henrique returned to the technology summit. Now that Vantta is known.

In Hall 1 of the web-based summit, which has occupied the Altice arena since Monday, and the International Fair in Lisbon, Vítor Andrade, João Sousa Martins and Henrique Pinto challenge: tablets a graph with only one appears pass through (fingertip on screen) you can evaluate the web summit in six categories. The rating lasted for several seconds, and it was a test that showed Vantta, one of the Portuguese startups, which this year was developing at Europe's largest technology, business and innovation summit. But the story does not begin here. Includes restaurants, flops and Dublin-Lisbon-Porto.

First detail: Victor worked on a web-based summit for a year, where he spoke and followed over 1,800 startups who were bidding for the event. At that time he spent two months in Dublin and the rest in his office in Lisbon. In October he decided to leave the adventure to devote himself full time on Vantu, who is now returning to the event. After the interview (a pitch) with Paddy Cosgrave, the invitation came back, but this time as Alpha startup, along with John and Henry. The idea came the day everyone was going.

"At the time we were at a party and something went wrong and we thought," Man, I really wish I had a button to order everything I want, "began Vítor, but the biggest frustration was" a lot restaurants that have no idea whether customers are happy with something. "In addition, John counted, there were two more problems that a group of friends found in the area:" The review false claims of people who have never been in a particular restaurant, and low customer response rates in terms of device ratings. "

(left to right) Vítor Andrade, João Sousa Martins and Henrique Pinto founded Vantta, which wants to innovate the way customers give feedback.

When the group introduced all these problems, she decided to meet herself to consider a solution. They wanted to create an innovative way of collecting feedback customers, but it had to be different from all the rating questionnaires of existing devices. However, they did not know how to do it "it was about three or four months with a question mark," says Henrique. "Suddenly one of us remembered the finger gesture pass through, the other noticed it, got up and began writing on the board. "So they say Vantta, a startup that wants to innovate in the way customers give their own feedback.

Although still in the trial phase with the restaurant in Porto, Vantta already has a defined operating process: every restaurant that joins the service will have tablets Available Companies, p software installed on the tablet and the main computer of the restaurant. At the end of the meal instead of giving the employee a typical paper bill, it will take the device with a customer account that will allow the service to be evaluated upon receipt. At the same time, he says that restaurant staff can monitor your computer, which shows which factors have better and worse ratings, allowing you to find out what needs to be improved.

"It's almost like a game without customers having to deal with a person or employee who was visiting them and feeling more comfortable," he explains, emphasizing that the goal is to be "something natural because feedback it does not come from nothing, it turns out to be a real way. "

João, who has been studying Marketing in Porto together with Víore and who is currently a project manager in another company, says that one of the goals is also to provide specific data for restaurants to make informed choices about how to improve their business. "They had three years of service and 90 years in the test restaurant review in Zomato. With us in two weeks, he was over 90, "he said.

Vantta is at a web-based summit and has one of the selected boot voucher, a government grant included in StartUp Portugal – The National Business Strategy, which enables the development of business projects that are in the idea phase. But before, there were also unsuccessful attempts, especially because they are the three young people whose "greatest passion is to create things," as Henrique says, software project and attended a computer science course at the University of Port.

"We even have so-called" Business Cemetery "because we are trying to find other ideas for a long time," João explained. Some thoughts were buried in this "cemetery": "peer-to-fail for the Startup voucher, and t-shirts "Who never came out of the press" and was accustomed to getting the money for another idea to be born. "Never do it," Vitor warned, "and also a ticket lottery project for an event that" even though it was a good idea, "he said.

How did you look at the flops? "It was not easy, especially with the first idea. We had some time to be sad," John admitted, adding that everything was part of learning. Perpetual changes he has to make, Vítor explains: "It's a bit of a start-up life: a new fact that we have to adapt to, we have to communicate well, have well-defined priorities, analyze everything, and you do not have to worry about starting ideas."

Vinta at birth is the goal medium and large restaurants"Because they have structure, pain, fear and money to invest," one of the founders added. The most basic service will cost about 50 euros per month, packaging with more features and equipment that are around 70 and 100 euros. But the plan is that the service can also be used for all types of areas who must be attentive to customer opinions.

We tried to create a very easy bridge here that escapes the usual way of feedback so that we can get closer to what the consumer feels with what the restaurant is capable of doing, "explains Vítor.

The launch of the project is scheduled for January or February of the next year and has so far included investments of about three thousand euros – from own pockets of three businessmen – to patent applications, materials and travel. AND feedback users: "To date, I think my biggest satisfaction was to see my father and daughter around four years old, sitting on her lap and evaluating with our tablets in restaurant. They commented and laughed, having fun when they were evaluating, and that was incredible, "Henrique said.

In Vantta's history, it's not just this year's web-based summit that goes beyond the startup. In 2016, the first year of the event in Lisbon, Vítor was one of several volunteers who helped in the summit days after seeing Facebook advertising. "Even after the event, I had no idea of ​​the Web Summit scale," he said.

A year later, in June, he received a contact with LinkedIn from David Kelly, one of the co-founders of the Dublin event. "It was very fast," and after two or three conversations, it all happened: he finished his course, dared to work with the Web Summit in Ireland. Overall, he met about 1,800 starters.

"I was a little afraid because I would have to move to Dublin, but I accepted it because it was for me a job, coordinating starting businesses, talking to startups every day. I thought I would learn so much that I would know so much that I meet with many people, I have to go, "explains Vítor Andrade, who also came to work in a London restaurant.

Two months later, he returned to Portugal, where he started working at the latest Lisbon web site's offices. But despite the fact that the whole experience "was fantastic" and still felt "part of the web-based summit, Vitor decided to leave, return to the north and devote 100% to Vantta, so when the investment company, João and Henrique also joins full time and to make the idea a major focus.

Prior to leaving, I wanted to talk to Paddy Cosgrave, the president of the Web Summit, to explain why he had left and "thanked him immeasurably for everything he did". "He used it, asked me to do and pitch about what Vantta was, asked me questions, was amazed and had a nice gesture when he asked if we wanted to go to the Web Summit as Alpha startup ", says Vítor.

It was a nice gesture on his part. [Paddy] and it also reflects a lot of what it is, "said Vítor Andrade, adding that Paddy Cosgrave advises" always to have the final say in the decisions they make. "

Second detail: on the same day that he was no longer a member of the Web Summit staff, Vitor was on the train back to Porto, when another door opened: Vantt was one of the startups selected for the Startup voucher. "It was a good coincidence," said three young men.

The web experience that Vitor had in his luggage helped prepare an arrival to run Alpha. "I knew the program well, I knew exactly what it was best to imagine how not to lose our attention," he said, without hiding his luck when he knew the event would remain for the next ten years in Lisbon: "It's great for our because it will further increase exposure and the willingness of every young person to create their own business, attracting talent, attracting talent and investment that will create real beginnings that will boost the economy tomorrow. "

Joao and Henrique are for the first time at a web-based summit and emphasize the need to "concentrate, because the stimuli are so much, the information is so" that there is a risk that it will become a complicated "torture of the whole event." "Sometimes there is the realization that you are going to the Web Summit and that's all, it's not, you really have to go and talk to people, do not be afraid to hear" no. "It's not a scratch card, scratched and already won," warns John.

The group met to prepare an excursion to an event what it intends to do and not to set priorities. They left with the interest of several potential investors and wanted to continue. And John, Victor and Henry assure us: "We are still nobody, but we are trying to be. And people who try to reach out, friends or develop business ideas, please do that, because there is always room for us."

* The article was modified by Ana Pimentel

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