Waxing and all phases of the Moon

This is the first work that was written as the first edition of the writing laboratory for the D. Maria II theater, and is the first theatrical work that leaves this idea. This was written by Joan Bértholo, and director Alvaro Correia introduced all the events recently during the Troika, with the government of Passos de Coelho. This is a phrase that indicates the whole text of seven characters, if you are not well, do not you go why? Joana Bértholo builds a game where these seven characters are in different spaces, in the same scenic space as a string of different phases with the moon until the last quarter, if you are not well, why not leave?

help with staging and figurine André Guedes printed and costume aid Mafalda Fialho light drawing José Álvaro Correia sound creation / drawing José Márcio de Oliveira sound Sérgio Henriques support Miguel Pereira movement assistant Catarina Rabaça production TNDM II M / 14

Excerpts from the texts of Antonín Artaud, Diogen Laertius, Franz Kafka, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Mario Vargas-Llose, Marquis de Sade and Voltaire are read in this exhibition.

Waning Room, debuted yesterday in the studio at the National Theater D.Maria II and is on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30, Thursday and Friday at 9:30 and Sunday from 16:30 to 16:00.

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