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Yellow Fever: Paraná coast parks are closed

The Paraná Environmental Institute (IAP) closed on Wednesday (30) indefinitely all coastal parks as a measure against new cases of yellow fever. The units of protection were initially closed for 15 days, but after confirming the circulation of the virus in the landscape of Antonina, the IAP decided to prolong it.

Researchers and other professionals who need to enter the parks will have access to the presentation of the vaccination card only with evidence that they have been immunized against yellow fever.

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As a way to prevent the spread of the disease, the Health Ministry (SESA) in Parana also announced on Wednesday that it had dispatched yellow fever vaccines to 22 regions and supplied all health care units. According to Sesa, there is a strategic supply of 300,000 doses for each option.

The main goal of the government is vaccination in seven municipalities of the 1st regional (Litoral) and 29 in the 2nd regional (Curitiba metropolitan area). Last Tuesday (29) was confirmed the first case of yellow fever in the state. The illness affected a 21-year-old man in Antonina. He was never vaccinated against this disease and was hospitalized at the Regional Hospital on the coast of Litoral in Paranagua with mild symptoms. On Friday (25), it was already confirmed that yellow fever caused the death of three monkeys in the region.

Sesa warns that the population most at risk of exposure to the virus is the population living in rural, forest and wild areas. Yet they claim there is no reason to worry. "A large number of notifications should not make people afraid because it reveals that tracking is being carried out," said Parano Epidemiological Center director João Luís Crivellaro, news agency Paraná.

The fear of yellow fever hastened to the health of the coast. At Antonina, the number of doses administered increased 45 times a week for a week. Only on Monday (28), 900 people were vaccinated against yellow fever in the city. Other coastal cities are also a joint effort. For example, in Pontal to Paraná, the health authorities participate until 22:00.


Sesa informs that all people should be vaccinated from nine months to 59 years, eleven months and 29 days. People over 60 years of age and pregnant women should be given a prescription to receive immunization. Anyone who has ever received the vaccination may not have to repeat the dose. Sesa warns of urgency because the dose starts to work ten days after application.

Symptoms and transmission

Upper plague is the main symptom of the disease in people who have never absorbed the yellow fever vaccine or who have been vaccinated for less than 10 days and who have been in forest areas, rivers, or areas with proven viral circulation in the last 15 days. In addition to fever, other conditions such as headache, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, abdominal pain, lower back pain, jaundice or bleeding must be associated.

This disease goes through the mosquito bites of Haemagogus and Sabethes (wild yellow fever) and Aedes aegypti (the yellow yellow fever) that carry the virus. Monkeys do not transmit disease and are contaminated in the same way as men. Animals become firearms that may indicate the presence of the disease. Even if they suspect the contamination, they should not be killed.

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