Youtube has pressed Switch

One of the missing points (among other things) seen during the launch of the new Nintendo, Switch, was the absence of Youtube.

Well …. Nintendo Switch already has Youtube!

The absence of the Youtube page contains the days counted in the switch. It was recently available in the Nintendo eShop App for the famous video channel.

This new app that lets console owners attend concerts, video libraries, trailers, music clips, tutorials, and more has a similar interface to YouTube TV but has a slightly different browser version.

Using the switch features, you can watch 1080p Youtube content and still support 360-degree video.

The YouTube switch for the switch is now available in the eShop and is about 100 MB downloadable.

Meanwhile, Reggie Fils-Aimé (Nintendo's Leader) has revealed that "We have already said that other services will continue to appear in the near future", Which reinforces the idea that Nintendo will continue to focus on this type of application and service for its console, solo or in collaboration with other brands.

This also corresponds to the assumption of commitment by Nintendo itself, in that the switch is not and will not be just a game platform and that its usefulness will be and will go much further.

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