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ANDREEA BNICĂ, TRAGEDIE. The artist's mother died …

There was a child of money ready, writes viva.ro. His family had modest income, but she did everything she could to educate Andreea and her sister. They lived in Eforie Sud, and without news the disaster hit Earth. Andreea Bănică lost two years. It reminds the time and finds power to talk about it. His father died first.

Read a Andreea Toncia, RADIC DECISION after the last interview with her husband. "I really care about me this time!"

"My father suddenly died, probably drunk, quarreled with his neighbor and hit the sidewalk." The assistant didn't want to take him to the hospital because he said he was drunk. I didn't tell anyone. That's why he died because he didn't help him. I live with the impression that she could be alive, ”said Andreea Banica for Kanal D.

"My manager at that time got the message that my mother died"
Then, two years away, the disaster hit again. "My mother died when I was on stage, my manager then reported that my mother died, let me finish the concert, took me away, the world dragged me for autographs." he took me and took me to the hospital, "Viva said!

The one who was close to him all the time and helped overcome all the trouble was Lucian Mitrea, the "soul mate" he had known since high school.

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