Free blood testing campaign at Suceava

Without a long dose of specific symptoms, diabetes can be diagnosed relatively late. Even if there are indications that things are not right, the affected person and the family do not realize it as soon as possible. Subsequent diagnosis of a family member with diabetes is perceived as a disaster. At the same time, it is routine for doctors and diabetes specialists to take on new cases. To solve this conflict, they need both patient and family support.

Diabetes is a chronic disability that causes many complications if it is not properly treated. Disease can occur at any age: children, young adults, over 40 years of age, future mothers with gestational diabetes. These differences also have a different impact on how disabilities can continue in their lives. For most diets, glycemic testing, early medication, and proper insulin injection are part of the daily routine.

"Patients with diabetes mellitus are the ones who do not just treat treatment but also help to advise on adopting a way of life that protects the illness. diabetes with diet information, the importance of physical exercise, blood glucose monitoring, information and education on the use of blood glucose monitoring devices and injection devices for therapy is essential. and a thorough examination of the leg enters the first examination of a newly diagnosed diabetic patient ", he says Dr. Gabriela Ileana Creteanu, Head of the Regional Antidiabetic Center of the Regional Emergency Call Hospital, Jana Nový in Suceava.

On the other hand, family and friends have an important role to play in creating and maintaining an adequate lifestyle over time. Since setting up a healthy, healthy meal that does not exclude people with diabetes from setting up physical activities they can do together, there are many ways you can be with your loved ones.

For all concerned, there are diabetes specialists inside County Diabetes Center Urgent St. Jana Nový Suceava, next Federation of Diabetic Associations in Romania held Monday, November 12, 2018 in the hospital hall free blood glucose testing, along with risk assessment and expert advice on healthy nutrition or proper diabetes management.

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