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HOROSCOP April 29 – May 5 Camelia Patrascan: …

HOROSCOPE. Camelia Patrascanu presented a horoscope for the week of April 29 – May 5. Wonderful news is announced for some of the zodiac signs.

HOROSCOP BERBEC- week with peace and tolerance to rams. Months and Tuesdays have a lot of peace and understanding from their loved ones, and on Wednesday, at the end of the week, they will have very good days, fertile days in which to spend smart money and energy. They are more individualistic at the beginning of the week.

HOROSCOPE Taur- They gave a lot of money to friends Monday and Tuesday, they can reconcile with someone they were in the past with. I am very popular in the first days of the week. Thursday and Friday are interested in hobbies and travel. On weekends, according to the will of the heart.

HOROSCOP Gemeni- Responsibility Monday and Tuesday, regardless of context, have a balanced role, reconcile their loved ones, have a great role as eye-catchers among the people around them. For the next few days you will enjoy the joy, fun with close people. The weekend will benefit from a great inner peace.

HOROSCOPE RACTuesday and Tuesday are on their way, appreciating morale, being advisors, urging and helping people around them. Thursday and Friday dominate the environment in which they live, have many authorities, and have some surprises from their friends over the weekend.

HOROSCOPE Leu It's a week to charge the batteries, especially Monday and Tuesday, from Thursday to weekend to have fun, meet new people or people they haven't seen for a long time. They have unique experiences over the weekend and can meet people from other cultures.

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