Huge failure for Morometii 2 in Teleroman

The film screening of Morome 2 in Alexandria was a failure, with hundreds of viewers rising and leaving Polivalent Hall due to the extremely poor sound and noise of air conditioning units. The town where the writer Marin Preda was born has no cinema.

Only a few minutes after Morome 2 hundreds of viewers rose and left the Polyvalent Hall in Alexandria, accused of extremely bad sound and hell of air conditioning equipment, writes Mediafax.

In Alexandria, the City House of Culture has only a mini cinema that has a capacity of exactly 70 seats and could not support the significant Morometii 2 event that was filmed in Talpa.

At the ceremony, the event's organizers, the Transilvania International Film Festival, chose to screen the film in a single larger hall in the city, at Polivalent Hall, for sports events. Room acoustics did not allow projection in any way, so hundreds of people left nervous and upset during the film.

Carmen Petrescu, who went to see the film, wrote her dissatisfaction with Facebook.

"I was hoping to witness a special cultural event that is rare for our city, namely the release of Morome 2 in the Alexandria Hall, the action was" strange "but not from a cultural or technical point of view, breast sound, the sound of any criticism and background noise "assured" the ventilation / air conditioning system caused the actors' statements to be incomprehensible, which left me after 10 minutes of nerves, along with other dozens (maybe hundreds of viewers at the moment). "I'm definitely coming to see him in the cinema or in the business center of Bucharest, because we do not have a cinema in Alexandria (yet)," wrote a woman.

And Florentin Mocanu expressed his opinion and was very angry.

"Alexandria, 07/11/2018, separate event, screening of Morometi movie 2. Polivalent Chamber Complete rejection The start time is delayed for 15 minutes so all those who have tickets can enter the room and fail because of wealth Start No, the vice president has to talk to us a few words, but it's finally starting, but … what is this? It sounds like a criticism, people start protesting, after 7-8 minutes, our chin starts to leave, we also leave. a theater, a philharmonic or even a trade union In 2018, 11 years after joining the EU, local authorities are almost the same for many years and should solve these problems Or maybe they do not see the heights of their functions A thirsty look at the movie Alexandria, who come from all parts of the region, was trampled by a lack of respect and responsibility, "wrote a man on Facebook.

Alexandria Town Hall sent after the event that the guilty belongs to the organizers.

"In the Polivalent Hall, Morome 2 was to be seen in the preview of the movie Morome 2. The event was expected to fill the whole room People came to watch the film and were disappointed, a company that organizes a national promotional tournament and has no connection with the Alexandria City Hall, "As the film will be screened in cinemas since November 14th, we expect you to watch the film in the House of Culture under normal conditions," said Alexandria Town Hall.

Transilvania International Film also said the team was taking responsibility for failure, but project representatives say it is inadmissible that there is not enough room for a film or theater performance in a city like Alexandria.

"We have assumed from the outset that there will be situations in which we will create these special projections in alternative spaces that do not have the construction, design and equipment needed to best fit the conditions of the film, but the reality is that I did not have other options. happened last night in Alexandria (Wednesday night), it is again a proof that there is a need for cinematography in which (at least) decent cinematography can take place is unacceptable, with many films, theaters and many other wonderful cultural events and also in alternative or improvised spaces), there is no room for facilitating public encounters with these cultural speeches, we have learned lessons, organized more projections in smaller spaces to avoid health problems, and yet we return to those who ask for money for tickets – If they were bought at the cash desk, you can return them and the pen they will get back, and those purchased online will be returned directly to the account from which the payment was made, "says the Transilvania International Film Festival in a press release.

The film Moromeţii 2 was occupied in the village of Talpa in the district of Teleorman, home of the writer Marina Preda.

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