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IT Predictors for 2019: Battle of "Unicorn", Smarter Towns and Block Bets – Business

The start of the New Year is a good opportunity to put into discussion technological trends that will dominate the future. One of the largest technology companies has conducted an analysis of progress in technology, how consumers adapt to new changes, but also how future developers will evolve.

Samsung has asked several people in Samsung to talk about their predictions about technological developments for 2019. Among them are Amit Garg, Christina Bechhold Russ, risk capitalist Raymond Liao, a privacy expert, and Tareq Aljaber, a deep learning expert.

Investment funds

In recent years, there has been a remarkable global growth of investment funds for companies, which could be expected in connection with the explosion of a "unicorn" (start-ups that have exceeded one billion dollars) that affect global growth. In 2019, entrepreneurs are expected to compete more to raise capital for their business. In the years 2017 and 2018 many IPOs were registered and experts expect the situation to be as good in 2019. This liquidity exchange will help start-ups grow.

Intelligent cities

Since the number of devices capable of connecting to the Internet is increasing, the rapid increase in data volume requires bandwidth measurement. In 2019, the development of 5G networks will be accelerated, especially for case studies in terms of value and utilization. Networks will require new data communication targeting mechanisms – peripheral computing solutions as well as data storage solutions. There is already a smart house concept, but also a number of distributors offering independent services. We expect these solutions that can be used in cities to attract the interest of city administrations who are willing to implement technology but now have implementation problems.


Cloud storage systems become overwhelmed by a number of existing data and will have to work together with computing systems. Cloud storage keeps scalability and processing power that can process huge amounts of data. The computer edge system, which is closer to the user, delivers computing power at the cost of reduced connectivity, without requiring high security. In 2019, we will see how block technology becomes the main technology for decentralized systems. By creating a trust-based common work framework, blockchain will allow decentralized cooperation and coordination of the various devices from edge to edge in a scalable way without a third party unnecessarily centralizing data.

AI / Deep Learning

Deep learning is the equivalent of a huge amount of data, experimental results, and intense computational requirements. Data scientists spend a lot of time primarily on the process side of the process instead of concentrating on their core competencies. It is important to develop a deep learning culture that is based on transparency and shared responsibility, so in 2019 DeepOps is expanding with collaboration between data engineers and deep knowledge in the field of teaching and building a deep network of effective learning.


As far as payments are concerned, developers will make it easier for consumers to make the most of their payment experience. More and more non-bank companies will contribute to the development of payments, thereby increasing customer experience.


Healthcare workers in the health sector will work to create a coherent system that will include patients, healthcare providers and pharmacies. Only 10% of successful companies in the field are directly involved with the consumer. This trend will develop in 2019 and experts believe that the remaining 90% can be distinguished by incorporating regular work practices and industry regulations so that a coherent strategy enables the health system to create more effective programs,

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