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liveTEXT » Montenegro – Romania 0-1 (Ţucudean 44)liveSCSC »Serbia – Lithuania 1-0 (Zulpa ag 51)

Real-Time Ratings:
1. Serbia 14 points
2. Romania 12 points
3. Montenegro 7 points
4. Lithuania 1 point
* We are mainly due to direct results, 2-2 in Belgrade, 0-0 in Bucharest.

min 46: the second half started!
min 45:
BACK TO PODGORICE! 1: 0 for Romania. It is also a break in Belgrade, 0-0. At this moment we are the first
min. 44: GOL ROMANIA! GOL TUCUDEAN! The CFR attacking team shoots from a distance, jumps to the ball and Petkovici heads to the net. Unbelievable error! We are in the first place right now!
min 34:
The game is revived, the game moves quickly from one goal to another. However, there are no important opportunities. Montenegrins began to risk more

9 matches gathered Cristi Săpunaru as captain of the national team. Just like Anghel Iordanescu, Ilie Balaci and Aurel Guga

min 30: Play pretty hard. Both bands are not at all excluded
min 21:
Stanciu focuses on the defensive, the host defense is surprised, but Keşeru heads to the goal
min 20:
Great opportunity for Romania. Chipciu sends off a tough shot, that ends at the goalpost
min 17:
Opportunity Romania! 71 'Team Tukudean is trying to kick out the right wing
min 12:
After the hard start, the game subsided. They are very in the middle of the field, both teams are under construction very careful
min 4:
Anton was not exactly sure, but he does have to score but his shot flies the ball. Two important opportunities in just 4 minutes for Romania
min 3:
Romania dominates this match. Start the Contra Team. Tucudean receives a short corner from Stanciu, continues at the gate
min 1:
He started the game!

Romanian anthem before the match with Montenegro

Starting teams:

Montenegro: Petkovici – Marusici, Kopitovici, Simici, Vesovici – Kosovici, Ivanici – Jankovici, Mugosa, Jovovici – Beciraj
Reserves: Mijatovici, Lluljanovici – Radunovici, Boljevici, Hocko, Vujacici, Djordjevic, Zorici, Kaevici, Mirkovici, Scekici, Klimenta
coach: Ljubisa Tumbakovičová

Romania: Tătăruşanu – Manea, Săpunaru, Moţi, Tosca – Anton, Stanciu – Chipciu, Keşeru, Maxim – Ţucudean
Reserves: Pantilimon, Niţă – Paşcanu, Băluţă, Hagi, Puscaş, Bancu, Nedelcearu, Deac, Marin, Mitriţa, Cicâldău
coach: Cosmin Contra



Technical Commission Director Mihai Stoichiţă on the postponement of the match: "UEFA has decided to play the game, it's good that the wind has calmed down, it's a dangerous flash, let's see what will ultimately be decided." We are waiting for the decision, "said Mihai Stoichiţă for TV Digi Sport.


Extreme meto phenomena in Podgorica: Heaven in the capital of Montenegro lights up every 30 seconds. The weather is still unstable.


We have a Romanian team: Tătăruşanu – Manea, Săpunaru, Moţi, Tosca – Chipciu, Anton, Stanciu, Maxim – Ţucudean, Keşeru


The match is played! The GSP Correspondent announces that the match between Montenegro and Romania will be disputed if there is no unpredictable event.


Problems in Podgorica: The GSP correspondent in Montenegro reports that the weather is unstable in the capital. There are electrical shocks, and if these phenomena continue, there is a chance that the match will not be controversial. In Podgorica there is a red rain of heavy rain and strong wind. Many streets are already flooded. FRF sources claim that it is not yet clear what kind of dispute this match.

update 10:00

Ugly weather is announced for this evening match. Podgorica is a red applacier when he only leaves the game!


1.Serbia 5 7-3 11p
2. Romania 5 7-3 9P
3.Muntenger 5 7-5 7P
4. Lithuania 5 2-12 0P


I made all the calculations before the last league league match! The second place drawn by the draw is almost damaged!

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