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Marius Moga, fully dominated by his daughter and Bianca Lapuste: "I'm surprised"

The artist is impressed by his little girl, only 3 and a half years old, Maria Elisabeta, whom she describes as deeply deep for her age. "I think his deep surprises me … How three years they've been telling us things I didn't expect so soon, from defining feelings to inventing stories and songs." I'm surprised that I won't escape without giving her my arguments and doing the same thing when she asks us something.

When we talk about crazy things, she likes to create her own playground, and if we're not in the 15-minute phase, we see every kitchen object disappear and move to a new house in the middle of the living room, ”said Happy Dad, smiling, for Viva magazine.

Regarding the future of the little girl, Marius does not rule out that Maria also wants to become an artist, but she has some advice she would like to offer before this move takes place. From now on, Dad has prepared his "speech" so that he is not surprised when his little girl wants to follow his steps.

"I would say for an artist, hit is not a career." It will take a lot of effort for a career and will probably be disappointed not to be able to protect, but any complacency will bring you satisfaction and confidence and the fact that you have changed something in others' lives. through your creation you can heal your disappointment. Success comes when talent and training meet an opportunity, ”added Marius Moga for the above source.

However, at this point, both parents are not pushing the small one in any direction, but are waiting to find their own way. "He sings, but it's just a children's chant. We do not accept the role of juror or conductor. She goes to kindergarten for two years, rides in summer when he's hot. She likes swimming or singing with her father on the piano. Mum doesn't make her a model, she does what she wants to do, ”Marius explains recently to Click! Added that he wants kids in the future, but later.

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