"Morometii 2" will have two festive screenings in Brasov

Author: Petra VÂRLAN

Posted in 15 November 2018

The most anticipated film of the year, "Morometii 2", will have two festive screenings in Braşov, both in the presence of the Cinema One team and 18 November at 19:00 and 20 November at 20:00.
The film Moromeţii 2 will be held on big screen screens in Romania on November 16, but the filmmakers started in a caravan across the country from October 29, and all the special screenings have so far led to a closed house.
The film, after more than 30 years, returns to the big screen of Marin Predo's beloved characters, who steer the same Stere Gulea. The image of the film is black and white and is signed by Vivim Dragan Vasil, one of the most important image managers in Romania.
Morometes 2 continues the story of the Ilie Moromete family from the village of Danube and is headed by Niculae. Between 1945 and 1946, Ilie Moromete is still alive but still in power. There is tension between him and Catrinus, while Niculae is tested for the promise of a new world where everything is possible when you register.
"It's a film that takes place in a tough, agitated period, a new political system is created, it's a lot of worry and fear, and the world I knew would actually disappear, it attracted me to the idea of ​​continuing, I wanted to end the epic of these characters who survived collectivization until the 1950s.This is a tribute to this world ", says director Stere Gulea.
The distribution is exceptional and brings together some of the most appreciated and beloved Romanian actors. In the main roles we will meet Horat Mălăel (Ilie Moromete), Dana Dogaru (Catrina Moromete) and Iosif Paština (Niculae Moromete), who debuted in the main role in the cinema. Besides these are: Răzvan Vasilescu (Cocoşila), Gheorghe Visu (Matei Dimir), Oana Pellea (Fica), Andi Vasluianu (Vasile al Moaşei), Florin Zamfirescu (Ţugurlan), George Mihăiţă (Aristide), Ioana Bugarin Ivat (Paraschiv) Vlad Logigan (Notre Oprescu), Cuzin Toma (Oauabei), Marian Ralea (Carcadat), Dorina Chiriac (Mărioara Bâzdoveica), Liviu Pintileasa (Zdroncan) with the extraordinary participation of Ion Caramitru.
Most of the films were cast in the same house in the same village (Talpa, Teleorman District), where the first film was shot in 1985.


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