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RCS & RDS has lost its auctions to purchase electricity from its own

Three companies that own photovoltaic parks controlled by a telecommunications operator have put on sale the energy that the parent company wanted to buy. He failed because someone else came up with a better price.

Owned by RCS & RDS, Delalina SRL has launched 608 MWh of electricity at 1 MW for peak power from May 8 to June 30 at a cost of 295 lei / MWh. The parent group, RCS & RDS, launched a Delalin-based bidding offer but did not win the contract. The energy was granted to Nova Power & Gas SRL, which offered 302 lei, provided that RCS & RDS offered a price identical to that requested by Delalina, 295 lei.

The transaction took place at OPCOM, a centralized bilateral tender

The situation repeated for the next two auctions in which the telecommunications giant did not buy the electricity he sold on the platform, even in his own companies.

On the same day, another company controlled by the group, Energiafoto SRL, launched energy in the same period, but larger quantities, 2,432 MWh, all peak power, but at a higher power of 4 MW, at the same price, 295 lei. RCS also came up with an offer at this price, but Nova Power & Gas SRL also won and comes at a higher price. The transaction ended at 303 lei.

Another company controlled by RCS & RDS, Novitas Electro, sold energy the same day from May 8th to June 30th. The selling price was the same, 295 lei / MWh, for the peak interval (06-22) and the offered amount was 1,216 MWh, ie 2 MW of hourly output for this range. The situation was identical to the above: the parent company RCS & RDS submitted a response offer that tried to buy the same price, but the same Nova Power & Gas SRL came up with a higher price and the transaction ended at 302 lei.

Three companies controlled by RCS & RDS operate photovoltaic parks and could not sell energy through direct contracts, because at least some of them have an installed capacity of over 3 MW, in which case all transactions must be conducted on the stock exchange.

Nova Power & Gas SRL is a supplier of Cluj, controlled by the German company Wind Emea Gmbh.

RCS & RDS needed energy either for its own communications networks, which it operates, by far the largest fixed-line operator in the country, or the Digi Energy energy source for its end customers. At the end of last year, the company had 106,000 customers, mostly for households.

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