Rednic's advice. How would Dinamo be the first time to introduce himself to the FCSB derby and who could debut

Mircea Rednic (56) quickly entered the role of coach of Dinamo after financing the team Ionuţ Negoiţă, who gave him a free hand. "Puriul" has already concluded four-player contracts: Mezague, Delorge, Grozav and Subotic, and another six in the winter will leave the club: Corbu, Olteanu, Popovici, Serban, Axente and Popa.

The match with FC Voluntari was the first in which Dinamo did not score a goal since the return of Rednic, which counts the pair of main defender Mihai Popescu – Katsikas, who are on the list of those who at least for a moment managed to impress the technique "dog". Two defenders were worthy of play and a parity tour where Florin Bratu was the coach, currently at Aerostar Bacau. Popescu also scored a goal that closed the table at 3-3.

On Wednesday, at 13:00, Puriul was present at Dinamo stadiums to sell fan tickets, saying that one of the new players might be on the FCSB derby field on the national scene:

"Today I think two players will be presented, one of them has already registered, another player has come to prove it, I think one of them can be in batch for the FCSB, I do not want to show them, one of them could enter. The data we had, because there was an assessment, one of them could enter the " said Rednic.

It is most likely Albanian Naser Alija (24), recently transferred to Dinamo and officially introduced on November 2. In the match with FC Voluntari did not play, but in a big derby with an eternal opponent of "dogs" can do it. The Albanian team is on the left where it competes with Popovič and Olteanu, both on the black list of the Dynamo technique.

On the other hand, Laurenţiu Corbu remained undisputed to the right, while Dinamo canceled the contract with the Belgian Delorge Cinema. Sergio Hanca can play at this point, but probably will be used in the middle of the field. It is also worth mentioning that Mircea Rednic has chosen for the 4-1-4-1 form of Csikszereda Miercurea Ciuc Romania, which is likely to be the last season's vice-champion.

  • Dinamo & Possible 11: Penedo – Corbu, M. Popescu, Katsikas, Aliji – Cooper – Sorescu, Hanca, Nistor, Salomao – Popa

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