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Samsung Forces iFixit to Unplug Galaxy Fold from the Internet

Looks like we're in a week of retracted or modified materials. It's time for DxOMark to make a remarkable change in its LG phone analysis iFixit remove material from the web. At the pressure of Samsung's famous source of phone dissections has accepted the breakaway of Samsung Galaxy Fold from the Internet.

We wrote a few days ago about analyzing iFixit and all the gaps found Galaxy Foldwhere suffering and trouble could be. I also found a terminal received 2 out of 10 notes for easy repair and that the battery is glued enough with glue and its glass back makes repair difficult.

iFixit says it was pressed to remove material because it is Samsung found out who gave him the phone. Indeed, the supplier asked to have the article removed with South Korean pressure. "out of respect" and not for Samsung.

On the other hand, the most significant delay would be the final product variant, a commercial option that reaches the average consumer. The critical assessment of the prototype, even in the final phase, is not entirely correct, so we understand Samsung's dissatisfaction. I remind you that the release of Galaxy Fold has been postponed, although it is not known when.

The American operator AT&T has shown that the new folding date is July 13th.

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