Samsung GALAXY S10 camcorders

Samsung GALAXY S10, Information on the new phone model continues to emerge, and the last of them tells us that Samsung is preparing the "monster" series to be launched in March 2019. More specifically, according to sources close to South Korean sources, one of the Samsung models The GALAXY S10 is about to launch with more than 6 integrated cameras, a premiere for the Koreans, but probably for the whole world at the beginning of 2019.

Samsung GALAXY S10The phone line will be available on models with a diagonal screen of 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches and cut off by three, which will be launched around the world, a version that will be sold only in South Korea. This special Samsung GALAXY S10 will have a diagonal 6.7 inch screen, 5G connectivity and 6 cameras that are now announced and will not be implemented in other models.


Samsung GALAXY S10, According to today's information, we are talking about the main camera with four image sensors and a double front door, probably 3D, Huawei has something similar but with 5 image sensors instead of 6. The changes are impressive, especially for the 6.7 inch Samsung GALAXY S10 was announced as a "monster" phone, with many impressive changes announced by the Koreans through various reputations.

Samsung Electronics Co. plans and significant technological upgrades for the next 10th anniversary flagships, including 5G next generation, larger screens and more cameras by people familiar with it.

Samsung GALAXY S10When we look back, we're talking about a special series model that has 6 cameras, a screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches and 5G connectivity, so news that many buyers should buy. Of course, all of these specifications are not 100% safe, but the publication that announces the Samsung GALAXY S10 special model is very reliable, so there is no reason to believe that the information was not 100% real.

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