SCANDAL URIAŞ DIRECTLY! Iohannis' decision on INFLAMAT spirits on MAXIM

PSD deputy Eugen Nicolice and PNL senator Carmen Harau agreed heavily and vividly.

Nicolicea accused Haraua of speaking absurdly instead of constitutional arguments. "She sold cigars in Hunedoara", "by the way, I know the Institute," were some of Nicolice's statements.

"What do you want me to introduce my CV?" The PNL Senator asked. "Take what you did?" He replied to the Social Democrat.

Nicolicea: "Do you swear people and garbage in Hunedoara?"

Harau: – I'm suing you. This is no longer a political statement, it is a defamation.

Nicolicea: – This show will be reduced to a very low level by this woman who does not know anything.

Harau: "He is angry that they have not brought him to service, and he's gone to me.

Nicolicea: – Do not bother, you really do not know anything.

Harau: "You greeted Mr. Dragne, I'm not your paranoid

Nicolicea: You said some stupid things.

Senator ALDE Ion Popa refused to intervene in the debate: "We have not heard anything, we are not talking about court proceedings." "What's his fish?" Eugen Nicolicea answered.

Verbal voting between the PSD deputy and the PNL deputy continued for several minutes.

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