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The son of Štefan Banice, Radu, was 16 years old and traced his father's traces from an artistic point of view, but above all physically. He is very similar to Stefano Banica and has inherited many of his features.

He has already started as an actor on the stage of the Bucharest Comic Theater in the show "All in the Garden". Thus, Radu continued the artistic journey that his grandfather started and Stephen continued.

Physical similarities between the Council and Stephen Banica are so great that some of the photographs seem to be seeing his father in a movie that made him famous – "high school".

Son Steaua Banica won the title of Mystery in the Bools Ball at Jean Monnet High School in the capital.

On Oct. 18 Stefan Bănică stepped up and Radu sent Instagram a photo with his father.

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Radu Ştefan is the son of Stefan Banci from his relationship with Camel Constantinescu. The artist also has a little girl with Andreea Marin, Ana Violeta.

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