The police officer, who shot the driver in March, was arrested

The policeman in Vaslui, who shot the driver stopped in the spring, was detained on Wednesday and arrested on Thursday by the Prosecutor General's Attorney.

He is being investigated for qualified murder and risks years of grace.

A shocking incident occurred seven months ago in a district in the industrial area of ​​Vaslui.

The policeman had information about a 26-year-old rider who traveled without a license and watched him in traffic. When the driver stopped to the right, the agent had his gun in his hand and put the young man down on the ground.

There was anxiety and the gun accidentally fell into the victim's head.

"I'm glad he was arrested. He denied everything. He did not shoot, he did not want to shoot. When you remove the pistol from the heel, it is obvious that he wants to shoot. There were other state authorities that arrested him for a year, two or five, but he put him in the country. Practically he executed it. Very painful"The victim's father says.

The man who was shot in March was known to the police.

Over the past two years, a young man has been captured three times during driving without a license. When he was under the influence of alcoholic beverages and caused an accident, and twice refused to collect biological samples.

He was accused in two cases and in the third case he was investigated.

After a young man died, the policeman told the audience that he was not instructed to use a weapon that his bosses later refused.

On the basis of the evidence and testimony collected in the file, prosecutors of the Prosecutor General changed the structure of the crime, from killing to guilty to qualified murder.

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