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The transfer of Captain Craius is complete

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Gheorghe Craioveanu believes that Craiova's left defender, Nicuşor Bancu, deserves three million euros to be exchanged by donor Mihai Rotaru. The former international said that Bancu and Alex Mateiu are the other two players to leave the Bani.

"I think it would be worth it because Mateia and Mateia gave it all to Craiova." Including Mateia, I consider Oltenian, a very special boy, a boy who made a significant contribution to the club's growth. It's hard to keep a player who wants to go because his performance will be very weak.

Yes, I think so (n.r. – if Bancu deserves three million). It seems to me a little bit, because there are very few left-handed players who can cover the whole left band, both defender and midfielder, "said Gica Craioveanu.

Lazcu services would be of interest to Lazio, information recently confirmed by volunteer coach Cristiano Bergodi.

For 26 years, Nicuşor Bancu has been playing in U Craiova since 2014, when Oltenia was promoted to league 1. Since then, a left-wing player has collected 167 matches and managed 17 goals and 30 team assistances. White-blue.

1.8 million is Nicuşor Bancu

9 the withdrawals have Banc at the first deputy

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