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"They found her after four days …"

Florin Piersic is one of the most popular actors in Romania. He also has family problems in his career. A few years ago, one of his sisters had a tragic end. Four days later they found him dead, writes Cancan.

“I remember having a sister in the fog. Lucica is called. Lucica Piersic. One day, my sister, this is what I know from what my mother and father told me, went to shore of Prut with Oltea high school students to gather plants for soldiers at the front. It was in 1942. For the first time, a mother story, she drove her to a street corner. Like he felt. Mom told him, "Lucica, don't bathe because the Rod is very dangerous." She didn't get out. But the high school kids "Michael the Brave" started to bathe.

One of the faces, even her colleague Doina Puhă, daughter of the general in Chernivtsi, began to shout that he had faith. My sister, who was a swimming champion, dressed like her, jumped into the water to get Doin. By chance or by chance, because it is fate, there was a lord, Peisah was called … I met him, he does not live. He heard a scream, jumped into the water, and the first he did was Doina when he jumped on Lucice, did not find her … "said Florin Piersic.

“They found it after four days, 11 km away, in Bessarabia. Mom took my hands. Followed by a replica that follows me today. It's obsessed. She told me: Lucica didn't come …, he described the famous actor in detail.

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