Ups! I photographed Anthony while …

One of the most appreciated singers on the Romanian music scene was surprised by a stunning, publicly amazing way. Antonia would not want these images to come under the eyes of her admirers. CANCAN.RO, SITE NO. 1 from ROMANIA, represents absolutely incredible moments with Alexei Veley's girlfriend. (READ OUT: CUTLIN BOTEZATH, "PRIZONIER" IN CHINA IN MINE COMPETITION: "WE ARE NOT WOMEN, BODY TREATED BODY AND …")

Last days, CANCAN.RO, PAGE NO.1 FROM ROMANIA, met Antonia in the northern part of the capital, where a beautiful artist went to her gym with her beloved, famous singer Alex Velea.(WE DO NOT HAVE HERE: ANTONIA & VELEA FOLLOWED IN DAMAGE WITH ONE CHILD AND HAVE FIRST PICTURES)

When he left, after the shooting of the animals, the sensual singer was the protagonist of incredible moments. When he headed for the car, Antonia made a gesture … at least unexpectedly. The artist looked visibly concerned about the legs she was wearing, so she did not think about it and immediately held her up with her hand. With only one gesture, Antonio managed to look at everyone around him. Antonia pulled her hand between her legs and touched One's entire breath.(DO NOT STILL HERE: CANCAN.RO IS THE "KING OF THE SITUATION" IN ROMANIA!)

Antonia would never want these images to become public

Antonia and Alex Velea have been in love for more than four years

Two artists have two children together: Dominik (born December 27, 2014) and Akim Alexandru (born December 7, 2016). The singer also has a daughter, Maya, since marrying Vincenzo Castellano. For the care of the girl, the two former husbands have a dispute that lasts for several years. Maya Rosaria Castellano was born on August 28, 2010. Currently she lives in Italy with grandparents Vincenza.(WE DO NOT SELL HERE: THE EXCURSION IN THE BIGGEST PRIMARY IN BUCHAREST IS DISPRESSED ON 112 AND THE PACKING BEEN SIGNED THAT IT IS DEVELOPED BY THE SOUL!)

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