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What does cardiac ablation mean, George uducudean's intervention at the Vienna clinic

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On the day of the match CFR Cluj-Viitorul 3-1, the host team received the worst possible news. George uducudean, his best attacker, was removed from the seizure due to last-minute problems: some mild heart puncture, by source, or repetition of right thigh injury, according to others.

In connection with the problems caused by the minimally invasive heartburn suffered by the footballer at the Vienna clinic, he spoke a cardiologist who said that doctors cannot definitively eliminate the problem,

"We thought we were cursed. George arrived at the pitch on the day of the match, at the practice, tried to make some solids and said his leg was injured. If others know something else, I don't know. Our best player, the champion shooter, couldn't play"Dan Petrescu said at the end of the CFR Cluj-Viitorul 3-1 match."

What the cardiologist said about the heart intervention suffered by George uducudean

"The heart is an electrical circuit, and extrasistles may also occur after ablation in other areas. So ablation can't fix these problems. He can play, just like him. They become dangerous only when suffocation, fainting or chest pain occur. Maybe if he felt these feelings, he was afraid again, and he didn't play again"The cardiologist told the Gazeta Sporturilor."

George uducudean explained how the Austrian doctors intervened

"Yes, it is true that I had heart problems, but fortunately there were no serious problems.

80 percent of people have what I have. They were aliens with whom I tried to play with them for about four months. It wasn't dangerous, everyone assured me that I couldn't do anything and take advantage of this break, and at the urging of the family I went to Vienna to consult.

Those who asked there told me that there are many players who have such a thing, they can appear to anyone whenever they are not born with them."George Tucudean revealed at a press conference before the game." Sepsi-CFR 0-1, in the 6th stage.

What is cardiac ablation, an intervention by George Georgeucudean at a clinic in Vienna

  • Cardiac ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that involves scarring or complete removal of cardiac tissue that causes heart rhythm disorders.
  • The catheter is inserted through the vein or artery into the heart, where the tissue responsible for arrhythmia is cauterized by high frequency waves.
  • Cardiac ablation can also be performed by a laser that contains electrical sensors. Scarring as a result of cauterization will create a barrier between healthy and diseased tissue and abnormal electrical signals will no longer affect the heart.
  • Cardiac ablation lasts 3 to 6 hours and during this time a slight burning may occur when the tissue is cauterized. Usually a day of hospitalization is needed and the patient can continue working within a few days.

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