Actor Alexander Semčev lost 40 kg thanks to the right nutrition

Older photos of much thinner Alexandr Semchev appeared on the Web, so webcam users decided he was seriously ill.

Smechev assured the fans and said he decided to lose weight.

According to the actor, he is now 40 kilograms away from proper nutrition. Semčev refused all fried and flour, began to eat more often, but in small portions. However, the actor expressed doubts, saying he did not know if it was enough for a long time.

As Alexander remarked, he was losing weight to himself, second to work. Smechev admitted that he had studied special literature for a long time and had chosen a balanced diet.

The actor also said he did not like sweets, so he said good-bye.

Previously, the weight of Alexander Semčev was approximately 180-200 kilograms. At this point he weighs about 150 kilograms and intends to continue to lose weight.

Photo: Oleg Rukavitsyn, from open sources.

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