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Exodus for a "million rounds" – gaming news – gambling

Russian publisher Metro: Exodus "Beech" announced the beginning of the collector's collection of limited collector Artyom Edition – there are only ten copies in the world and none of them can be officially purchased.
Three home bloggers – BlackSilverUFA, TheGideonGames and Dmitry Bale – will have to complete three thematic tasks. Then, by using a number of ballot papers, the winners of the Exodus subscribers will choose VKontakte.
The blogger with the highest number of points will receive the co-ordinators of the prizes to be played by the collectors during live broadcasts among participants who "joined his team": the admission of the fighters takes place until February 4th.

Artyom Edition, packaged in a steel cassette box, includes:

  • functional watch with gas discharge indicator
  • a real gas mask with a filter
  • the real lighter from the rifle cartridge
  • a steel spartan token that engraves the name of his owner
  • leather tablet with travel map Artyom and his friends on "Aurora" in the subway: Exodus
  • personal testimonies signed by Dmitri Glukhovski and Andrei Prokhorov – Creative Director of the Games Series and 4A Game Leader.

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