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Former Nachal's husband offended Saltykov

Former Nachal's husband offended Saltykov

Moscow, April 29th. Former late Julie Nachalova, a former prime minister soloist Dmitry Lanskoy, is outraged by the action of Irina Saltykova. In his opinion, the artist continues to develop a scandal due to weight loss Nachalova.

Lanskoy and Nachalova married in the early twenties. Many years have passed since the separation of the pair. However, after the singer's death, her relatives began to blame Lansky that he forced Julia to lose weight, and this undermined the artist's health. A former “prime minister” soloist noted that such statements are a lie. Later, as the media writes, singer Irina Saltyková also attacked him. According to her, Dmitry Lanskoy allegedly not only lost Nachalova but also humiliated her because of her weight.

Former Nachal's husband offended Saltykov

In response, the former husband of the deceased singer offended Saltykov.

"I usually forgive a lot of women, but your persistence doesn't give me any options. Don't teach me life, remorse, and talk about the unknown to you morale. For many years, you have embodied the symbol of a woman with low social responsibility and proudly carry this banner. You will turn your life and scare, ”says Starhit Dmitry Lanski's words.

According to the publication, the man also criticized Irina Saltykov for saying that details of her personal life are "all known in all details." In his opinion, he continues to publish these "details" for everyone because he has nothing to be proud of. Lanskoy remarked that this is all Salty's right, but asked to leave his "humble man alone."

Earlier, Dmitry Lanskoy appealed to media representatives to "stop the systematic harassment" of his and his family. He also promised that he would be responsible for all who spread false information about him. Later it was known that Catherine Gordon would represent Lansky's interests.

Appeal singer Julia Nachalova died March 16 at age 38. The funeral took place on March 21 at the Troekur Cemetery in Moscow.

Former Nachal's husband offended Saltykov

A few days before her death, the singer went to the hospital. Doctors fought for her life, but they couldn't save. The singer's father, Victor Nachalov, said he did not blame the doctor for his daughter's death. According to him, Julia dealt with self-medication and initiated illness, as a result of which the abscess began with the defeat of internal organs. But he admitted: until recently he believed Julia would be able to cope with the disease.

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