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Director Roskomnadzor Alexandr Zharov said that the anonymity of the messengers is nothing more than a marketing package that their owners resort to. He talked about it in the TASS box.

He proposed anonymity "imaginary" because when you install the messaging application, the user voluntarily opens his / her contacts. "When you allow the app to access your contacts, you can let us know who uses it in your contact list, so you're simply in the laptop of someone's smartphone, you've already identified it with a messenger, whether you like it or not," the head of the department reminded.

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00:03September 24th

At the same time, the owner of the messenger is not responsible for the security of personal data and content transferred to the user, Zharov continues.

According to him, the new identification rules that his department proposes to implement preserve the right of citizens to privacy in correspondence and create a "trust-based communication environment".

According to the suggested rules for verification of instant messenger users, this application can only be used by the person who received the phone number. According to the authors of the new rules, messaging services are required to verify the identity of users and to pass on information about them to mobile network operators. In response, the telecom operator will be given 20 minutes. The identification will be considered accepted if the user data matches the information in the company database.

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