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Ksenia Sobchak, for the first time, showed the face of a two-year-old son close up for a long time

22:51, 01/31/2019

The television moderator published a funny video in Stories, in which little Plato sorts things on her dressing table.

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Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan married February 2013 and in November 2016 she gave birth to her husband's television presenter Plato. Maternity has significantly changed the star. If earlier, when irritated by childish shouts, he heard a child's cry now, the creator first thought he would help him. "When your child appears, everything changes, and this is an indescribable feeling," says Sobchak.

Like other stars, Ksenia regularly publishes photos of her child on her Instagram blog. But the face of the child is not visible to them, because television lecturers usually remove the boy from behind or from the profile. According to Sobchak, he does so for safety reasons only and not because he is afraid of an ugly eye. Ksenia's wife Maxim Vitorgan admitted in an interview that he and his wife really wanted to show their son's face because "he is beautiful as a god."

Ksenia Sobchak with her son

Last spring, during a holiday in Thailand, Vitorgan still could not resist and published in his microblog a picture of Plato called "in all his glory": the child's face can be seen quite clearly, although the photo itself is very dark. But a few weeks before the boy was two years old, Xenia herself showed her son's face for the first time: in one of the videos, the boy turned to the camera that the TV lecturer did not have time to take.

Son Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan Plato

Now that little Plato had grown a bit, Ksenia began to feel more relaxed and take care of the child a little less. Today, in TV stories, the television moderator has published a fun video on which the child who is back to the audience sorts items on her mother's toilet seat and then turns to the camera with a bottle of perfume in her hands and asks what her mother is doing with this thing. "And this mother is suppressing," says the television host.

Ksenia Sobchak, for the first time, showed the face of a two-year-old son close up for a long time

We add that Ksenia Sobchak often makes fun videos with the child in her microblogging. Last month she showed together with Platt the designers and honestly admitted they did not like this profession. "My mother is absolutely silly It is not clear where and where to join I realized that what I love most about maternity is the collection of designers I am totally powerless What do I do with these details I do not understand One thing is drawn on the diagram and I will not find her where it is not known what to fix, "the TV moderator complained. But Plato himself quickly found out how to pick up a new highway.

Ksenia Sobchak often makes fun videos with her son in microblogging

Although the boy is only two years old, his famous parents are already thinking about which school they will attend and which education they will receive. At least Sobchak publicly discusses this in his microblogging, saying there will be no prestigious paid schools in Rublev. It is worth mentioning that once Plato was one and a half years old, Ksenia and Maxim sent him to a language school where the boy studied English and communicated with his peers.

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