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Kudrin stood for the dollars and went around the ruble: State Economy: Economy: Lenta.ru

Chief Accounting Officer and former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin criticized the idea of ​​a complete de-dollarization of the economy. In his opinion, the ruble is too weak to move into settlements with other countries in rubles. The words of the country's chief auditor are handed over to TASS.

"From the point of view of the currency, we understand that ruble settlements are highly risky, and that the ruble is a less stable currency than any other, with a more robust unit of measurement in global calculations," says Kudrin, that switching to rubles in the calculations would only lead to additional costs.

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According to Kudrin, if it were not for the current geopolitical confrontation with the United States, there would be no sense of dedolarization. "I would say that it is not necessary, let everybody choose a computing tool that is more profitable and less expensive, and we need a dollar, leaving the dollar's limits," said the Chief Accounting Officer, stressing that he was not waiting for rapid decentralization.

At the same time Kudrin recognizes that there are some advantages in the mutual settlements, but it is necessary to actively realize them after the creation of the state institutions that are necessary for this.

Russian authorities and representatives of the financial sector have long argued for a sharp decline in the US currency's dependence on the economy. In particular, the head of VTB, Andrei Kostin and the Treasury have designed their plans to "leave the dollar". At the same time, Russia has managed to reduce its dependence – the authorities refuse to use US government bonds.

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