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Moscow Theater Art School commemorates its 75th anniversary of grandiose skittles. The event will take place on the stage of the Chekhovsky Moscow Art Theater.

On the anniversary evening, the graduates of a school of various years will perform with congratulations.

"Moskva Theater Art School has introduced and still provides many talented graduates to many metropolitan theater companies, and the numerous" Mkhat people "of various ages, both older generations and contemporary students will sit in the hall and climb on stage, says the press attaché of the Moscow Art Theater Maria Malkina.

The history of the Moscow Theater Art School began in 1943, when Nemirovich-Danchenko asked colleagues what theater school they needed. The commander commented that "this school should not teach what the best artists of art theater can do, this school will train actors of the future."

"Nemirovich-Danchenko died on April 25, and the People's Commissars Council decided to preserve his memorial, and the resolution included a clause on the establishment of a school art studio in the art theater," said Anatoly Smelyansky in an interview with TASS.

The first competition was held in the summer of 1943, studied by students Ivan Moskvin, Olga Knipper-Chekhova, Vasily Kachalov. Stanislav's system became the basis of the teaching of acting.

Photo: official website of the theater

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