Named the most dangerous product for the heart

Named the most dangerous product for the heart The daily intake of salt may not exceed five grams.

Of all the foods in the diet for the heart and blood vessels of man, salt is the most dangerous – this is the conclusion reached by scientists representing the laboratory of arterial hypertension. According to experts, salt use of more than 5 grams per day is harmful to the heart.

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According to doctors, the average diet of modern people contains too many foods with salt – an average person consumes about twelve grams a day. Doctors consider this habit very dangerous for the condition of the cardiovascular system. The main "killers" of the heart, calling themselves chips, crackers, and beer refreshments – the salt content passes through the roof.

"Today's scientific evidence suggests that between 20% and 40% of all cardiovascular disease in developed countries is due to excessive consumption of salt foods." The amount of salt is dangerous because it causes the development of arterial hypertension and worsens vascular tissue, which is severe and susceptible to lesions , "said experts.

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According to them, the daily intake of salt should not exceed five grams. Some experts argue that efforts should be made to eat even less salt – no more than half a teaspoon a day, about three grams of salt. In this case, you can reduce your risk of premature death by about 30% for coronary heart disease. On the other hand, a study of 5,500 men in the Netherlands has shown that eating more than 6.2 grams of salt a day is dangerous for the development of hypertension – the risk of developing the disease increases by 21% compared to people who consume salt up to 3 grams.

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