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The acquisition of the QIA Fund in Qatar, which has a 14.16% stake in Rosneft, was largely financed by Russian VTB and not by a foreign investor, the agency said.

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An important part of Qatari Fund's 14.16% acquisition of Qatari Fund by Qatar Investment Company (QCAR) originally requested by the Chinese CEFC was funded by VTB Bank Reuters, referring to nine sources. Among them is a source close to the leadership of VTB, a central bank employee, as well as a source in the Russian government who is familiar with foreign investment. All sources agreed to speak on condition of anonymity.

The lease of Rosneft's stake was made "contrary to the stated objective of attracting foreign money to Russia," the agency said.

Five sources for Reuters said QIA had received a $ 6 billion Russian loan. "VTB has not assigned or intends to allocate a QIA loan to finance the acquisition," the agency said. At the same time, the authors point out that VTB reports for September indicate that the bank "lent 434 billion rubles ($ 6.7 billion) to foreign borrowers three years after lending 350 billion rubles from the CBR." At least four partners were directly involved in preparing the loan.

Rosneft spokesperson Mikhail Leontyev declined to comment on the VTB loan for buyers of 14.16% of the company, stating that he was not responsible for bargaining between customers and banks about the terms of the loan agreement.

RBC sent a request from VTB.

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VTB reports for September published on the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation have shown that VTB has loaned 434 billion rubles to foreign foreign borrowers. ($ 6.7 billion) for up to three years after lending 350 billion rubles from CBR. The financial results released in November indicate that in the third quarter, the volume of loans rose to the top 10 debtors of the bank by 403 billion rubles. (about $ 6 billion).

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