Salvation from stroke and stroke is fish oil

This conclusion was made by American experts. Previously, they participated in two major studies.

Finally, they found out that salvation from stroke and stroke is fish oil.

The first study involved 8,000 people. Some people took placebo to maintain their health. Others are special acids extracted from fish oil. Cardiac infarct and stroke mortality has been shown to be much more rare in the latter group.

The second study involved 26,000 participants. Part of them daily gave one gram of new drugs isolated from fish oil. It consists of eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids. This resulted in heart attacks in the study group being reduced by 28%.

Scientists have noticed another fish oil feature. It is able to reduce the effects of stress after a post-traumatic disorder.

It is also important that fish-based medicines are completely safe. They are especially useful for those who do not have the opportunity to include fresh fish dishes in their regular diet.

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