The organizer of the murder 14 years ago was detained in Moscow. Reedus

A 52-year-old man was detained in Moscow to house a former policeman who was committed 14 years ago.

According to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation, a former deputy head of the inter-ministerial department for murder detection was killed on 23 November 2004 from Sergey Nazarov's headquarters for interior affairs in the Krasnoyar region.

The investigator identified the perpetrator and the co-perpetrator of the crime. They have been in prison for 22 and 9 years. Find the organizer and then fail.

Only 14 years later the investigators managed to gather data on involvement in the murder of the capital's population. As a result, the investigation team arrived in Moscow from Krasnoyarsk territory. She closed the suspect and took him to Krasnoyarsk.

He is currently imprisoned and commissioned to commit murder, said SC.

Previously, Reedus wrote that a man arrested in Moscow for theft of a bicycle confessed to seven murders.

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