Why the management of Victoria's Secret ignores reality

Victoria's Secret Annual audience shows much more than any other fashion show. The effect is achieved by the fact that VS shoots the whole performance in its own right and after several weeks of editing it broadcasts on TV and the Internet. So viewers will be able to see this year in good quality until December 2.


The film usually includes interviews with supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, honors angels Kendis Swanepoel and Adrian Lima, and newcomers are sometimes unforgettable. Despite the changing themes from year to year, it remains the same behind the scenes – the laughter of young slim girls in short pink coats, sparkles, feathers and lip gloss.

Brand management continues to ignore the current political and social situation in favor of an outdated "thin zero" trend.

If most luxury segments meet the desires of their visitors, Victoria's Secret will not become a sure and independent woman, but literally an angel.

Overview of photos: Feathers and stones: what do you remember Victoria's Secret Show?

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It is surprising that known models that actively participate in campaigns against objectivization of the image of a woman and the model itself do not want to boycott this event because of its declining popularity. While it's probably much more fun – you first play a fashionable and independent woman in a tight-fitting dress and then, if you're lucky, you smile happily in a bra with 1 million gems.

The wardrobe is officially called Fantasy Bra – "Dream Bra". Every year the honored "angel" honors the strange but great honor of getting to the updated version on the podium. This year, the brand has appreciated its models of various nationalities from all over the world and the most expensive piece of clothing was won by the Swedish blonde Elsa Hosk with blue eyes.

Usually the price of this toilet corresponds to the dream ideas of an average 15-year-old girl and costs about $ 10 million due to expensive stones, but yesterday the money was sufficient only for the star composition of the models.

Immediately after the Bra Swarowski jewelry show, the instagram report of the Prada diet, looking for plagiarism in fashion houses, to the authors of the Strasa bra idea, came to light.

It turned out that Victoria's Secret had a more democratic counterpart from the new collaboration, the H & M mass market and the Italian Moschino House for $ 199.

The Angel House will also launch the budget version of Fantasy Bra, but it will still cost $ 50 more.

Before the show, US Vogue journalists spoke to Victoria's Secret and asked them some questions about why they would not release additional models and transgender people in fashion in 2018.

The opinions of the major designers Ed Rasek and Monika Mitro on today's trends were significant:

"If you want to know if we were thinking about looking at the show on the transgender model, or thinking about the casting plus size model, then we've been thinking about it." In our subsidiary, we created a show for larger models. "

The designers also said that when they wanted to release a show with models of non-standard sizes, there were none in 2000. And now, says Rasek, plus-size is not interesting to anyone.

The lack of designers explained the general concept of the show, according to which everything that happens should look like a fairytale, a dream. Likewise, why leave such dirty and ugly things into the world of dreams, such as protecting victims of sexual harassment or fighting women's rights.

Moreover, Razek and Mitro do not consider this marketing strategy obsolete and offensive to those whose body resembles an "angel", and their thoughts do not turn around horoscopes. They responded to the question of diversity as if they had been guided by American cartoon cartoons from a comedy show of the 1990s – pathetic and nothing but her own ego is disproportionate.

"This is a special 42-minute entertainment show, which is what it is, it's unique, and any other fashion brand in the world takes it in a minute, including competitors who agree with us."

– Explanation of brand representatives. In other words, VS believes that only those who envy them do not like it.

In this season at the end of a fashion week in New York, singer Rihanna introduced her collection of underwear for women of all sizes, Savage x Fenty. The main surprise of the show was the deeply pregnant model of Slick Woods, who stepped out of the pavement directly into the ambulance and drove her to the hospital. Many skeptics have accused the singer that a woman with prenatal struggles has grown up in front of the show's guests in almost naked form and heels, but no claims made by Woods himself. In addition, many fans of inclusiveness in the fashion industry admired only the demonstration of the true female power of the model.

Victoria's Secret is devastated by anyone who tries to find the real state of affairs and continues to bend his line, for a holiday and a good mood will always get gray days. After all, they are absolutely impossible for someone.

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