Al – Riyadh newspaper "Environment": Opening Wadi Al – Ahsorp dam bore for the second time in 10 days

"Environment": Opening the Wadi Al-Ahsorp Dam for the second time in 10 days

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced on Sunday the opening of Al-Ahsorp's boreholes in Al-Baha in coordination with relevant government agencies.

A ministry branch in Al-Baha reported that the opening of the layers occurred after the water level came close to the overflow and severe rainfall in the past, which should in the future decrease and support groundwater in the area.

He pointed out that the dam was opened twice during the current rain and each time the water level was reduced by one meter and the speed of about one million cubic meters.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Ahrabah Reservoir is a dirt dam that was built in 1433 AH and has a length of 895 m and a height of 22 m. Its storage capacity is estimated at 11 million m 3 and behind the dyke body there are 15 handheld wells.

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