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The World Health Organization (WHO) warned today on Wednesday (August 12, 2020) that the number of coronavirus cases in Lebanon may increase after half of Beirut’s medical facilities were damaged by a devastating explosion that hit the port of the capital last week.

Richard Brennan, director of emergencies at the WHO’s regional office, said that after evaluating 55 hospitals and health centers in Beirut, “just over 50 percent of them are out of service.” Health officials have previously confirmed that three major hospitals were destroyed, while many other hospitals were severely damaged, making their low capacity impossible.

This is in line with Lebanon ‘s record, which on Tuesday, reached the number of people infected with Corona, reaching 300 cases and seven deaths, bringing the total number of injuries to 7121 and deaths to 78.

On the other hand, Morocco recorded a record number of cases of Corona virus infection, with 1,499 cases registered within 24 hours, according to the Moroccan Ministry of Health, in addition to 23 deaths. The number of accidents is the highest in this country since the first accident was recorded in March.

Today’s figures, the total number of cases in Morocco has risen to 36.6 thousand, including about 25.6 thousand recovery cases, compared to 556 deaths. Morocco is still in a state of emergency, but has released its quarantine measures for a while, although it returns from time to time to tighten measures.

In Algeria, Algerian Energy Minister Abdel Majid Attar revealed that losses of government energy companies due to the pandemic amounted to about $ 1 billion, saying that his country’s hydrocarbon export revenues fell by 40 percent in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. , but stressed the existence of significant growth in domestic energy demand by about 7 percent per year.

Cases in Algeria reached 36 7,000, of which 25 6,000 recovered, while the number of deaths reached 1,333, after 11 deaths in the last 24 hours. Algeria is one of the Arab countries with the highest number of deaths, and the European Union, along with Morocco, has removed it from the list of safe routes.

According to information released by the Jordanian intelligence agency, Jordanian Interior Minister Salama Hammad decided on Wednesday to close the Jaber-Syria border crossing for a week after injuries occurred at a border center.

Jordan, one of the least affected Arab countries, has seen 25 new cases of the new Corona virus in the last two days, most of them on the “Jaber border” with Syria after infections were reduced to Jordanians returning from abroad and they were quarantined. Since Monday evening, the number of people infected with the virus in Jordan has reached 1283, of which 1189 recovered, while the number of deaths reached 11.


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