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Details for the first time … Egypt and the United Arab Emirates lead a Syrian return team to the Arabs

The Jordanian diplomatic source said that the real obstacle that Syria faces before the League of Arab States is the demand for some Arab states to "order" in Damascus to reconsider their relations with Iran.

"Arab countries supporting the Syrian regime, including the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, are rejecting other Arab countries to restrict Syria's relationship with Iran as a condition for Syria's return to the League of Arab States, and it does not matter that the relationship between the Syrian regime and Iran remains," the source said. It is the same level that rejects many Arab countries and considers it necessary. "

The source explains that the United Arab Emirates and Egypt "have a pragmatic idea that the requirement of the Syrian regime to restrict or separate its relationship with Iran is almost impossible, so it is better for Arab countries to demand further issues that are enforceable by the Syrian regime. again discussed how the Arab League can contribute to finding a suitable and acceptable solution to the Syrian crisis. "

He added: "This is unacceptable to many other Arab countries who believe that the solution should be to change the Syrian political system or rule of law in Syria as a prelude to the automatic reduction of Iranian influence in Syria with Syria's presence in the Arab League."

The sixth ministerial meeting of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan discussed the problem in Jordan today.

In the press statement, the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs described the Ministerial Consultative Meetings as a no-one program, and that it was a large-scale meeting addressing all the issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve the Common Arab Security and Stability Goals.

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