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Download ArtGirl The End of Albasti in 146th Episode Events Eriliğlu Resurrection.

ArtGirl Lovers of the famous Turkish series Resurrection Argerel From this resurrection of Argerels, this vicious circle that ends with the evil forces in Sujut, and long awaited after the end of the Turkish Prince Artigirl bin Sulaiman, Shah Ali Traitor, who hid in the bells of the Zhangoch church and mutilated Sogut Artgrel 146 The events of the new episode witnessing the end of Alastasi, the brother of Mrs. Ayelbigi and the leader of the tribe of the sons of Aomor, after being revealed not to be Pibolat, but a traitor to Albasti who works with the Mongols, and will end the episode 146 of Resurrection Artegrel.

Artegirl episodes are featured on various types: Nilesat, Arabsat and Hot Bird, while Al Noor is aired on the internet because it has exclusive rights to broadcast live with the Turkish TRT channel and through this article we try to show our follower frequencies. Argerel 146 channels on different satellites, all you have to do is set the frequencies on your receiver.

146th episode of Argural Resurrection Diriliş Ertuğrul
146th episode of Argural Resurrection Diriliş Ertuğrul


And we offer you our followers to follow the "Nil News" page of the frequency channel list to transport Artgrel episode 146, which will witness many fire events, and search for the timing of each week by followers of the historic epic Artegral series resurrection on Artegral 146 Part V Devices the Artegrl 146 channel V is waiting for a new ring to be transmitted, and a list of the Artegrl channel transmission lists is shown below.

List of Argerel channel frequencies

Satellite Channel Frequency
Nilesat Qatar Canal 10971
Nilesat Al Sharq Channel 11137/12604 Horizontal
NilesatChannel call 10727
Nilesat Al Yarmouk Channel 11678
NilesatChannel 4 Youth 11137
NilesatWatan's ChannelHorizontal
NileSat Qatar TV10719
Suhail SatQatar TV11604
Türksat 42 ° ETRT 1 HD Turkey11054

Artegral Radio Station Data 146 Part V

  • Turkish TRT 1: Episode 146 is aired by Artgrel at 8pm
  • Yarmouk Channel: Thursday at 20:00 and will be returned on Friday at 2pm
  • Al Watan Channel: Thursday – 11:00 AM
  • Al Sharq Channel: Daily – 14:00 – 12:00 Returns Next Day – 16:00
  • Al-Da Channel: Thursday – 21:00 Friday – 13:30

  • Artegrel Episode 146: Artegrel 146 presentation date on the Turkish TRT1 channel
  • Complete season
  • Artogrl 146 broadcast the date of the new episode Ertuğrul

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