Exchange Rates for Friday, 16-11-2018 in Egypt

Exchange Rates Friday, 16-11-2018 in Egypt Knight's Network, with the 7th day on the spot, we publish on Friday 16-11-2018 exchange rates in Egypt, exchange rates Friday, 16-11-2018 in Egypt, we will send you our visitors. Forsan Network and start with the most important news, prices of the currency Friday, 16-11-2018 in Egypt.

Al-Forsan Network Monetary prices stabilized on Friday 16-11. 2018, after several currencies, including the Kuwaiti dinar, the euro and pounds, recorded a slight increase on Thursday.


The dollar price today in Egypt

The dollar today stabilized against a pound when the US dollar recorded 17.78 pounds to buy, 17.88 pounds for sale, while the dollar exchange rate at Bank Misr was 17.79 pounds for purchase and 17.89 pounds for sale..


The dollar price in the Egyptian central bank

17.86 Pounds to buy

17.95 EGP for sale

The dollar price at the National Bank of Egypt

17.78 Pounds to buy

17.88 EGP for sale

Dollar price in Banque Misr

17.79 Pounds to buy

17.89 EGP for sale

Dollar price in Banque du Caire

17.86 Pounds to buy

17.96 EGP for sale

Dollar price in CIB

17.86 Pounds to buy

17.96 EGP for sale

Dollar price in the Bank of Alexandria

17.86 Pounds to buy

17.96 EGP for sale

The European euro today

The euro was recorded against the pound today and according to the latest updates of the National Bank 20.03 pounds to buy, 20.29 pounds for sale.

The pound sterling price today

The Australian pound was recorded for the purchase of £ 22.67 and £ 23.29 for sale.

Saudi riyal rate today

The Saudi Riyal course continued to stabilize against the Egyptian pound. According to the latest National Bank data, the Rial's price was £ 4.75 per purchase and £ 4.78 for sale.

Kuwait Dinar courses today

The Kuwaiti Dinar today was tied to a pound, according to data from the National Bank of Egypt for the purchase of £ 58.42, the £ 58.77.

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