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HBO Season 3 Episode 8 – Season 3 Episode 3

Watching you tonight HBO TV show fantasy series "Jim Of Thrones"Where the next episode of the conflict series Arush last part on Sunday, 28 April, where all of the series's events inspired the novel" Ice and Fire Song "and ended the last episode of the King's Night with his soldiers' soldiers to strong war talent in one of the palaces until. They take the throne of those who win this war.

It also shows the entire episode on HPO exclusively and you can activate coding and polarization through Hbo channel frequency .

Episode 3 Conflict Arush

The end of the series is approaching the next episode, where the events of this series of stories show lots of stories that show the face of the king of the night, who is out of the snow and there are many soldiers living in the extreme mountains and the north, taking over because this series began in the first season in 2011, Parts this year reach the sixth and final.

Today's Arush Conflict

Events of conflict parts

Where a strong confrontation begins between Astrak's well-known artist who began his art work in 2011 and participated in representing this series from the first part of the throne conflict series, and includes a number of actors such as the Red Wedding Ring This episode witnessed a very large massacre , Stark and his wife and many of the actors who took part in the series ended up in the fifth part of last year, when many stabs appeared in his heart and his life ended, but he returned to life with the return of the sixth and last episode.

Conflict Arush Part
Conflict Arush Part

Dates of presentation of the third episode of the sixth and final season of the Arush Conflict Series

The third episode of season 6, which will open this year in 2019, and the six-stage component, which is now aired on one of the well-known foreign channels and places, starts with Starck with many of his soldiers, the king of the night, who comes to the palace to confront Stark. The confrontation of the winners can get the throne and the palace that each of them dreams of in this strong confrontation that occurs between the two opponents, which are the details of this episode on Sunday, April 28. t

The frequency of the hbo channel and the frequency available to it is on the Hot Bird satellite, here are the following frequency details:

Moon: Hot Bird Frequency: 10911, Codec Speed: 27500.
Moon: Hot Bird Frequency: 12265, Codec Speed: 27500.
Month: Hot Bird Frequency: 10834, Codec Rate: 27500.

Through the frequency mentioned in the article, reception and coding on the Hot Bird Moon can be taken, and the episode is presented at nine o'clock in the United States, and will be displayed at three o'clock in the morning on Monday, Egyptian time.

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