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"Honer look 20" on the Egyptian market during the days signed "Amir Karara" on the phone

01/31 14:52

At a major press conference and in the presence of the head of International Huner

Amir Kararah signed a contract with Honor Egypt as the new ambassador for the first time in the presence of the president of International Hunner in Africa and the Middle East (Chris Sun), after their recent partnership was a great success when Amir Karara was Ambassador until then penetrated the Egyptian market and gained the highest revenue through them, thus achieving a large market share and a strong competitor of excellent telephone capabilities and competitive prices that attracted Egyptian consumers, especially young people.

Pasha Egypt will launch a new partnership with Honer throughout the year, starting with the most significant 20 Honour View 20, which the company has allocated to a set of Egyptian offerings with a special signature on the telephone background of Amir Karar's big star.

Honest View 20 is a competing phone with a unique rear camera, which, with its impressive potential, is launched with a powerful 48 megapixel camera.

1. The first 48 megapixel camera in the world

Honer View 20 comes with unprecedented quality and clarity. Sony's IMX586 sensor with a 20 megapixel camera is the first of the first 20 megapixel cameras and Curin 980 with incredible artificial intelligence.

The 20-inch camera sensor has a new color filtering technology (RGB) that arranges each selected color in 4 detailed pixels (2×2) instead of randomly mixing the colors with a low image quality problem. This technique increases sensitivity of the sensor by collecting the total number of 4-pixel signals rather than depending on the individual value of each pixel.

2- 48-megapixel camera (HD mode).

The capability of learning with artificial news increased by 134% and image processing improved by 46% thanks to the dual processing of neurons and Internet service providers twice the efficiency of the Kerin 980 chip. This increased sensitivity of the camera's camera to the world's first 48 megapixel camera High Definition Mode .

When you turn on high-definition mode, the camera captures multiple images and then produces the same image of the brightest detail in each frame. The darker parts of the image are enhanced and the colors are optimized to give the perfect shot.

3. 3D background camera

3D rear camera can track movement, depth sensor and track human structure. The 3D camera uses ToF technology to send the sensor to the target IR signal and then calculate the time that the signal was playing. Using this technology, the phone offers three-dimensional characterization, three-dimensional motion control with motion control, three-dimensional design, enhanced dance experience, and artificial intelligence calories.

3D Motion Control Experience: The 3D camera in your phone can recognize human movements and imitate the same moves in the game, controlling it with a unique gaming experience. All you have to do is connect the dock to the phone and connect the phone to the TV via the HDMI cable and play the game after placing the phone on the platform and then enjoy the unique experience it will not repeat.

3D Modulation: The 3D camera collects DoF field depth data to be accurately and intelligently protected from video / picture. Which allows you to add enhancements, control your body and look perfect for you, always.

AR Dancing: A 3D camera creates a virtual 3D character that can track and mimic your dance moves in real time. You can also perform them in specific movements such as ballet, kung fu or just walking. This feature is currently only supported in China.

4. AIS Night Stabilization Night Mode: Night Shooting without the need for a tripod The 48-megapixel sensor and advanced Artificial Intelligence technology make a major difference in night photography. A sophisticated 48-megapixel sensor can combine 4 pixels to 1, creating brighter images. In addition, artistic intelligence 20 Huner View increases the production of beautiful night shots using multi-image technology based on automated learning.

This technology analyzes the movement of the camera and intelligently selects and combines several different images to help create less blurred pictures – all you have to do is transfer your smartphone for 6 seconds. This function works even if you have insufficient stable hands! Thanks to CMOS sensor for semiphores and 48 megapixels, Honer View 20 ensures the highest quality photos at night.

Artificial intelligence: Intelligent image capture

Honer View has 20 photos in exceptional quality and distinctive style. It features advanced artistic intelligence that supports the identification of over 1,500 scenarios for more than 60 categories.

INTENSIVE INTENSIVE INTENSIVE INTENSITY OF CAMERAISATION is performed with a high-performance Kerin 980 and Dual-NPU processor blinking the eye. In fact, the speed of artificial image recognition increased by 120%. Increased computing power enhances the professional imaging capabilities of your phone.

6. Special slow super shooting: Capture all the rare moments of life

People have picked up beautiful moments in their smartphones, such as birthdays and weddings. Watching these videos later brings joy. There are also other moments that you can slow down, such as highlighting something fun or beautiful, or show you how to do something in detail about something fast and complex. For this reason, slow-motion video became the essential feature of smartphones with powerful specifications. Many smartphones can produce 30fps video. The Honer View 20 transforms slow motion to a new level by delivering 960 frames per second with 720p resolution, allowing you to capture rare moments with remarkable details. It is often difficult to identify and capture rare moments in real time. With HoneView 20 for slow motion detection, you can easily recognize or slow the movement of objects or objects in motion mode to create similar videos similar to what you see in movies.

Whether it's an exciting moment in the sports field or a nice move of your pet, you can slowly recall these memorable memories for life. Unleash a professional photographer inside and share your precious moments with family and friends.

7. Kerin 980 processor with artificial intelligence chip and dual nerve processing unit.

The Honer View 20 comes with a Kerin 980 with a SoC 7-nanometer chip. The processor features a dual nerve processing unit that boosts the processor speed by 75%, improves performance by 46% and reduces power consumption by 58%.

"Nine": efficient cooling system

The cooling technology developed in telephone display 20, nicknamed Nine or The NINE, is based on 9 layers of three-dimensional heat dissipation. The liquid cooling system works up to 100%, which is similar to the computer cooling system.

Wi-Fi with triple antenna

To ensure an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection, a third antenna was added to the Voio 20 after the Huner team studied various ways of transferring the phone during use. To avoid poor communication performance while transmitting the phone in a horizontal position (which covers two main antennas on both sides of the phone).

The third antenna has been added in the middle of the phone structure to ensure a continuous fixed connection even when using different positions.

10. Battery capacity 4000 mA with high-speed charging: quiet serenity and continuous power

The Honer View 20 comes with the world's best screen, camera and processor, but it never affects battery life, which is crucial to the user experience of day-to-day phone games. Thanks to the latest Kerin 980 technology, power consumption has fallen by 58%, although its performance is much higher. Honer View 20 is further expanded with a large 4000 mA battery.

In addition, the smartphone supports 4.5V / 5A for high-speed charging. You can recharge your phone 55% in just 30 minutes. This technique is supported by TUV Rheinland – which guarantees the safety and protection of the soul. No worries about a low battery.

Allows charging for 30 minutes:

• Play music with headphones: up to 130 hours

• Play local video with headphones: up to 15 hours

• 3G connection: up to 25 hours

11. 8 GB RAM + 256 GB Memory: Greater Space for All Requirements While the 48 megapixel camera delivers high quality and brightness of 48 GB in new high resolution, it also creates a need for more storage so you can easily store valuable photos and videos. The Honer View 20 features 8 GB of large random-access memory that allows you to perform fast, trouble-free operations without having to clear the background tasks. The internal storage comes with 256 GB of capacity for additional photos, videos and other content.

12 – Turbo Graphics Unit 2.0

The Turbo 2.0 processor combines hardware and software integration, increasing the speed and accuracy of graphics processing to ensure the best gaming experience without disturbing.

The EMUI 9.0 features a new temperature monitoring element based on the ideal power equation, phone temperature and power consumption of video games.

13. Turbo technology to improve communication experience

Turbo communication technology enables the highest level of connectivity through automatic switching between Wi-Fi and 4G networks, depending on network status. Make the phone switched to 4G if Wi-Fi performance is poor and vice versa.

The phone, through artificial intelligence, learns and adapts to the individual mode of use.

14 – Developed screen with nearly 100% complete display

Life in the smart phone industry is relatively short, and ten years ago, there has been significant development since the introduction of the first smartphone. For example, the display has changed radically over the years. Initially, the screen size was only 3.5 inches and the resolution was 320 x 480.

It was not long before Android manufacturers noticed the possibilities of using a full touch screen phone and sophisticated imaging technology. The screen size for smartphones increased further in 2010. Screens on some smartphone models up to 4 inches up to 480 × 800 resolution or higher. Since then, the search for a larger screen and a higher screen has not been completed. The Smartphone screens jumped to 4.3 inches, 4.8 inches and 5.3 inches in just two years. Productivity concerns that users do not accept such large phones quickly disappeared. Not only the size, every year, the screens are made in the thinnest body at all.

Currently, standard main smartphones with monitors are 5 inches or more. However, users expect not only a larger screen but also a smaller object. The design of the display has been developed to meet this demand for higher screen-to-body ratios.

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