Huawei directed Samsung's "spooky warning"


Abu Dhabi – Sky News Arabo You have traveled to any major city in China, seeing Huawei's stores and ads everywhere, as the Chinese phone has become part of the world market with the latest smartphones.

China's technology company outstripped Apple as the second-largest smartphone in the world by market share at the end of the second quarter, but is now planning ahead.

In an interview with CNBC, CEO Richard Yu said the company is striving to achieve the highest point in terms of market share by 2020, a center that employs Korea Korea.


Yu said in an interview: "" Next year we will be very close to number one, probably on the same level as Samsung. At least next year we may have a chance (number one), 2020. "

With the expansion of China's mobile networking, China has become one of China's largest technology companies and is now one of the world's largest suppliers to this market, with U being a "terrible warning" for Samsung.

"I encourage them to have the ability to innovate, to make bold innovations, and to do something that some people might feel a little crazy about letting ourselves go and calling the telephone industry," Yu said.

The Chinese company first crossed Apple for seven years, in the second quarter behind South Korean giant Samsung.

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