News 24 Discover the food that Hailers gave to King Salman and Crown Prince at dinner

ArchivesThe head of social networks visited the pictures of a list of dishes prepared by Hail citizens at the Custodian feast dinner of the two Holy Mosques and His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Magway Hall adjacent to the Aja Mountains during their visit to the region.

Popular menu complemented the menu, supplemented by "Al-Chalabi", a delicious mixture of cattle with rice, onions, lemon and red pepper as well as dishes, muffins, pieces, sauces and mash.

Pomegranate is a favorite dish for about 200 years. "Truncated" slurry is a dish that takes care of Hail and offers a guest to eat before the main meals.

The offer included a range of pastries, including white cream with pistachios, caramel cream, chocolate cake, seasonal fruit and milk drinks, apple juice and salads.

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Dinner "width =" 600

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